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Video Poker Tips

One of the most engaging casino games is the video poker which unlike other games rests solely on luck than strategy. It's similar to roulette, where luck is the main factor for winning, but you can have some strategy to tip the odds in your favor. One only has one round where one can't bluff or have a betting pattern that is sure to help you hit the royal flush. This however does not mean you should leave everything to chance as there are some things you can do to increase your chances of winning. Take every opportunity you get to practice poker because that is the only way you'll improve. You can even play from your home on online casino sites for free using bonuses. Take a look at the various option available to you and learn who are the top Brazilian players of all times. These video poker tips are bound to bring you closer to your dream of hitting the royal flush.

The first thing a player should be aware of is that video poker is unpredictable and random which means there is no sure way of getting the elusive flush. Sometimes it may take 500hands to win and sometimes ten so in order to increase your chances of winning you should maximize the playing time by having many hands as possible. The key is to hold out as much as possible as you are aware that big wins are rare. One way you can do this is by changing your notes into coins which means you will be using a little money at any given time thereby maximizing your chances of winning since you now have more playing time.

All players know that the higher the wager the larger the payout. Therefore players can incorporate this in their gaming strategy by always using your winnings in one round to wager a larger amount in the next. This strategy is simply about taking advantage of your winnings and minimizing on losses. If you continue to win keep increasing the wager but if you lose just simply default back to your initial wagering amount you started with to save you from losing anymore many than you bargained for.

Another video poker tip is to always play progressive games only when the jackpot is high to justify your wagering amount and maximize your chances of winning.